Alexander Vantournhout &Bauke Lievens

A tragic autobiography of the body

ANECKXANDER is a solo in a minimal setting for one acrobatic body, a handful of carefully selected objects and three variations on a piece of piano music by Arvo Pärt. Balancing on the fine line between tragedy and comedy, Alexander/Aneckxander rewrites the autobiography of his own body: from subject to object to matter. The result is a raw self-portrait in which the body both exposes itself to and tries to escape from the prying eyes of those looking at it.

Disturbing, but oh so addictive
— Els Van Steenberghe - Focus Knack
ANECKXANDER - promo-81.jpg

By: Alexander Vantournhout & Bauke Lievens
With: Alexander Vantournhout
Dramaturgy: Bauke Lievens
Dramaturgic advice: Dries Douibi, Gerald Kurdian Outside eyes: Geert Belpaeme, Anneleen Keppens, Lore Missine, Lili M. Rampre
Light design: Tim Oelbrandt, Rinus Samyn
Music: Arvo Pärt
Costumes: Nefeli Myrtidi, Anne Vereecke
Photos: Bart Grietens

Coproductions: Kc NOna (Mechelen, BE), PERPLX vzw (Marke, BE), Theater aan zee (Oostende,BE), Subsistances (Lyon, FR), La Brèche (Cherbourg, FR), Malpertuis (Tielt, BE)

Workplaces: STUK (Leuven, BE), Kc NOna (Mechelen, BE), Campo (Gent, BE), Pianofabriek (Brussels, BE), Theater Malpertuis (Tielt, BE), De Grote Post (Oostende, BE), Circuscentrum (Gent, BE), La Brèche Pôle National des Arts du Cirque (Cherbourg, FR), Subsistances (Lyon, FR)

With the support of: Province of West-Vlaanderen, Flemish Government

Collaboration with Bauke Lievens in the framework of the research project Between being and imagining: towards a methodology for artistic research in contemporary circus, financed by the research fund of HoGent/KASK School of Arts, Ghent (BE).